Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love ??

What is Love actually ? The powerful term that rolls off the tip of your tongue and to anothers ear rings the sound of some sorta confirmation, But of what exactly ? What is the word supposed to feel like, or is it supposed to have a feeling. What shall be the response ? i love You 2 ? but how can it be said or said back to if you are unsure of the actually meaning or gesture it actually has behind it. Love has never been taken to an extent of lasting devotion in my eyes, mostly unlasting relationships, and teenage dreams and im lost on what it means to me.
I am aware in fairy tales just the word alone gives you chills up your spine, and brightens your eye sight, but i live in no fairytale so what shall the word dictate to me ? I have so many un-answered questions that it makes me draw back more from verbally expressing the word. I will never wanna hurt anyone i care about using the word just for me not to be able to say it later on in life. Its so confusing to me and it scares me, because mostly if i am in love or do love all these questions keep me from saying it aloud. But if it is Love it should be easy right ? Idk but when i figure this out wheather it be 3 days or a week or month or longer from now, i will try and for sure breakdown my love and give u a lil taste of my Love, well if Possibile.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Misery Loves Company

Ok when there are smiles Upon everyone's faces except your own, MAYBE YOUR doing something wrong. You are the only one who can make yourself happy, but if you push the ppl who help in the making of your happiness away what is there to do. Others can Try & offer a hand out to someone but so much before it is taken back and put back in their pockets. There is a problem in all of us where we only seemingly feel our own feelings and consume our selves with the thought of Me, Me, Me but sometimes it does have to be someone else. You must ask yourself how does my feelings effect or may not affect others. How are my actions, and words being taken, who am i hurting or making feel a way i wouldnt wanna feel. Negative energy is really consuming and a bitch to be around. So ask yourself are you that BITCH ? Are the ppl around me still around ? is my Relationship as strong as it used to be ? Did i change ? is my attitude in tack, are my priorities in the right order ?
If you sit alone often and have no one to call, not a friend in sight, or nothing to look forward to.. 9 times outta 10 it is your FAULT .. u let things happen in a way to cause you to be in the setting your in today. But the good thing is there is always Change.. change within yourself mostly. Maybe this time You should Offer your Hand and who knows maybe the help from before will again take out their hand and intwine your fingers with theirs.. & Thats The company u want .. lets walk past and leave Misery Behind

Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Change You, 2 Change The world

Each Life can prosper to goodness no matter a persons Setting , or current living condition. It is within us to want Greatness and CHANGE for ourselves. CHANGE is a powerful adjustment any individual can make. It is the power we all have .. we can change ourselves physically & within. If it is said that your today is not a perfect picture, tomorrow u can use a different canvas and a new color. Patience is the number one link and side kick to change igt is not an over night happening and that is what needs to be realized. strive for better in yourself and the world you live in. We can not focus on what others are not doing but can only focuz on what we are capaable of and choose to do- Just Had that Revalation .. hhhhhMMM

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dependency Is Wicked

&One thing i will Never understand is dependency, for a human being to be dependent on another. Im all for impowerment and independency in Males & Females. But it definetly grinds my gears to see Dependency go beyond a financial stance but in a relationship stance. Why is it that we as females find the need to be in a relationship ? To find someone who can fulfill us but in reality are just temporary convience. We can go all into the Tyra's & Oprah Segment with the " My dad wasnt home, he wasnt there " but that isnt giving us shit but an excuse to be needy. If you find your self depressed when you have no companionship / partner or Lover by your side.. that is a PROBLEM ! Yes you can feel lonely at times but when that depression takes a turn into consuming ya life and lifes activities its a PROBLEM !
Yes i am in a relationship But my Partner inhances my Greatness by being great himself. Though before him i was alone and just hanging with my friends were enough for me, them having someone did not depress or upset me. i encouraged the joy the seemed to have and we kicked it like we were before dude came along and after he left we were still just as tight.
It is in You as a person to look into you and find undeniable fulfillment in yourself before searching for the dependency in tempoary affection. I see it as the people who are more dependent on a partner for happiness are the ones with the loneliess soul . But the ones who find Joy in the sun and the Laughter from just a platonic friend are the ones who find someone who inhances their greatness because it wasnt searched for it just Happened .

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Diniqua BEll

& I wanna be the person everyone i value in life can run to. I wanna help and Nourish People with their problems or thoughts. The thing about Diniqua is she struggles just like the people who come and talk or just wants her help. Diniqua just decides it is better to put aside her feeling and emotions because the joy in anothers face brightens her day, to be aknowledge and considered a trusting friend sometimes means more to her then her own emotions & feelings. And when someone she cares for is going through the struggle it is her to offer out a helping hand and take the weight on her shoulders and have empathy. No one trully understands the amount of care she has for the people she actually does let get close to her which is rare. It is for them she will do most things and offer the most. it is for her friend or shall i say bestfriend she has felt the most " love " and compliments. it is for her bestfriend she sees her own strength and most of her Greatness. No longer speaking in Second person.... I Diniqua am More then you will actually be able to see, im deeper then the skin that surrounds me, .. Believe me .